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Lectures on History of the English Bible

I am teaching a series on the History of the English Bible at the seminary. I'll add the videos as they are completed.

Lecture #1: Introduction to the English Bible

Lecture #2: The Tyndale Bible of 1523

Lecture #3: The Coverdale Bible of 1535

Lectures on New Covenant Theology

At the seminary we are examining New Covenant Theology in our annual Faculty Lecture Series. You can click here for the link to the Introduction to New Convenant Theology that I presented as well as the other lectures in this series.

This lecture was incorporated into the journal article for the series in The Master's Seminary Journal. The article, which was recently high-lighted in Dallas Seminary's journal Bibliotheca Sacra (July-Sept 2008, Vol 165 #659; p. 358), can be accessed by clicking here.

G. K. Chesterton

The G. K. Chesterton Society

Gilbert Keith Chesterton (1874-1936)is one of my favorite writers and a fascinating personality.

In the latest issue of The Master's Seminary Journal, I wrote a review of the new biography of Chesterton by Ian Ker. Click here to read the review.

Doctor Who

Who is Doctor Who?

My favorite TV program, Doctor Who began in 1963 and will be celebrating it's 50th Anniversary this year.
BBC America's Doctor Who Site

Green Bay Packers

The Green Bay Packers

The Green Bay Packers joined the National Football League in 1921 and is my favorite team and perhaps the most storied teams in NFL history and have won more championships than any other team. It is a non-profit community owned team and I am a part owner.
All About The Packers

Things I've Written

The Millennial Position of Spurgeon
The International Preterist Association: Reformation or Retrogression?
The Expansion of Jerusalem in Jeremiah 38:31-40, Never, Already, or Not Yet?
Introduction to New Covenant Theology
The Downgrade Controversy and Evangelical Boundaries
Christian Conduct
Fifty Books for Every Christian
Theonomic Postmillennialism
An Examination of The Da Vinci Code (Power Point)

Sermons and Lectures (audio)

Foundations for Effective Christian Living
Who Will Help You?
Paul and the Gospel
Church Wars: The Battle Between the Weak and the Strong
Pressing Forward
Heaven and Hell: But Is That All There Is/
A Study in Green

Things I Like

David Lachman, Rare Bible & Book Dealer: The BEST!
Truth Remains Ministry, A Focus on the English Bible
International Society of Bible Collectors
The Spurgeon Archive
Bible Places from Todd Bolen
The Archives Bookshop
Accordance Bible Software (the best!)

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All of the articles and materials on this site are in PDF files are are printable (with more coming soon). Unlike some sites, I don't charge to print the materials. I would appreciate knowing if these items have been helpful and always appreciate feedback. A lot of time goes into this site and if the Lord leads you to contribute towards the site expenses, you can can click on the button below and send money via Pay Pal. Many Thanks!

Welcome to the Captain's Log Book!

Here are links to some articles and book reviews that I have written. Click on the article title to access the file. I have provided an introduction for them here, but the actual works are in PDF format. Feel free to link to my articles, but do me the kindness of letting me know that you have done so.

All of the PDF files are printable and more are coming in the days to come along. Unlike some sites, I don't charge to download and make use of the material. I would appreciate knowing if these items have been helpful and always appreciate both feedback and constructive criticism to make the material better. Naturally a lot of time has gone into this work and if the Lord leads you to make a financial contribution to underwrite the site expenses, you can can click on the button below and send money via Pay Pal. No pressure here, but some have asked if they can help out, so here is a way to do it.

The The Textual History of the King James Bible

This is a brief overview of the history and textual history of the King James Bible. Iteach a course on the History of the English Bible at The Master's Seminary and I prepared this handout for the Textual Criticism portion of New Testament Introduction that I taught for one of my colleagues. I received some encouraging comments and thought others my be interested in the material. I include a very brief bibliography at the end for further studies.

The Millennial Position of Charles Haddon Spurgeon

This thesis was completed some years ago and has been very kindly received. I was prompted to delve into this area for a couple of reasons: (1) It seemed that every proponent of every eschatological system was looking to Spurgeon for support. He has been claimed to be amillennial, postmillennial and premillennial by different individuals. (2) No full length work examining his eschatology had every been undertaken, only a couple of articles and some comments in passing. In this paper I develop, from Spurgeon's own writings, that he was thoroughly premillennial in his eschatology and more exactly "historic premillennial." My friend Phil Johnson, Executive Director of Grace to You, has kindly maintained this work in his Spurgeon Archive Website and has reported to me that this is one of the most accessed sections of that site. An abridged version of this work appeared in The Master's Seminary Journal 7:2 (Spring 1996), 183-212) and in The Master's Perspective on Eschatological Issues (Grand Rapids, MI: Kregel Publications, 2002)

Charles H. Spurgeon and the Nation of Israel: A Non-Dispensational Perspective on a Literal National Restoration

I did another shorter work, that was presented at the annual meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society in 1999 on Spurgeon's view of the Nation of Israel. Spurgeon's view ws that a literal, national Israel would be restored to the ancestoral land. His views were consistent with the larger British evangelical postition that dated back to the "restoration Movement" begun by some Puritans.

I have been encouraged recently to update some of the material here and publish it, and Lord willing, I hope to undertake that work in the near future. Comments or suggestions are always appreciated.

The Down Grade Controversy and Evangelical Boundaries:
Some Lessons from Spurgeon's Battle for Evangelical Orthodoxy

This paper was one that I first prepared for the annual meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society in 2001. The theme for the conference that year was "evangelical boundaries." My previous interest and work into Spurgeon's life and theology had interested me in the Down Grade Controversy that occurred in the later portion of Spurgeon's life and ministry. Evangelicalism, as a movement in America, is certainly adrift. The growing distain for precise and detailed doctrinal statements, driven by a "seeker friendly" mentality, where churches are exhorted "not to exclude anyone whom Christ has included;" is leading many churches into a doctrinal "pluralism."

This article was also published in Faith and Mission the Theological Journal of Southeastern Baptist Seminary in Wake Forest, North Carolina (20:2, Spring 2003, 16-39).

Anti-Semitism, Inclusivism and The Rejection of Inerrancy:
The Confluence of Three Defining Aspects on New Perspective on Paul Theology

This paper was originally presented to at the annual meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society in 2005. The New Perspective on Paul theology has many errors that can and have been critiqued. This paper examines, the problems of anti-semitism on the part of some NPP writers, and the issues of inclusism and a rejection of inerrancy, which effects all of the key NPP writers.

The Expansion of Jerusalem in Jeremiah 31:38-40:
Never, Already or Not Yet?

This paper was originally presented to at the annual meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society in 1999 and has since been published in The Master's Seminary Journal 17:1 (Spring 2006), 17-34.. This discussion centers around the rather interesting prophecy of the expansion of Jerusalem in Jeremiah 31:38-40. The prophecy deals with specific site locations and geographic details that I examine as to whether or not they have ever been fulfilled. My conclusion is that they have never been fulfilled in history, therefore the fulfillment must yet be future.

Extra-Biblical Evidence, General Revelation and Scripture: A Response to Davis A. Young's The Biblical Flood

This paper was originally presented to at the annual meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society in 1997. Davis A. Young, a popular writer for the theistic evolution position, has written a significant work detailing his view that General Revelation, which includes in his view, the conclusions of the various scientific disciplines, forcefully argues that the Biblical Flood detailed in the Book of Genesis, never occurred. He even goes so far as to declare that the Biblcial writers (both Old and New Testament authors) were in error when they concluded that the universal flood actually occurred. This is obviously in conflict with the evangelical view of inerrancy and inspiration and it is also is thorough-going misunderstanding and ultimately and re-invention of the Scriptural teaching of General Revelation.

This article appeared in a slightly revised for in The Journal of Christian Apologetics and Interdisciplinary Studies 2:1 (Summer 1998) 3-24.

The International Preterist Association: Reformation or Retrogression?

This paper was originally presented to at the annual meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society in 2002 and has since been published in The Master's Seminary Journal 15:1 (Spring 2004), 39-58. I attempt to examine the Hyper-Preterist Movement as manifested in the publications of the International Preterist Association, and their key personalities, John Noe and Edward Stevens. This summation from the journal abstract gives the basics of the work: "The theological claims of the IPA are hetrodox in the area of eschatology, lying outside any creed or statement of faith of orthodox CHristianity. It rejects the millennial kingdom, the physical return of Christ, all post-A.D. 70 fulfillment of prophecy, and the traditional view of the resurrection. The consequences of IPA teachings lead to a hopeless and helpless church, a church with no remembrance and message, with no ethical imperative, with no hope and reason for patience, with no rewards for faithfulness, and with no purpose or useful equipment. The system amounts to a regression to the error of Hymenaeus and Philetus (2 Tim 2:18)."

Appreciating and Writing Book Reviews

This is an introduction to writing book reviews that I have developed. Book reviews are perhaps the most foundational type of writing to master. My conviction is that if you can write a good book review, you can write any type of formal paper, thesis or dissertation. The references are geared towards the seminary and the seminary journal, but that is where I work!

Excavating Jesus or Inventing a Jesus: An Examination of Recent Efforts to Support Historical Criticism of the Gospels with Archaeological and Sociological Data

This paper was originally presented to at the annual meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society in 2003. This is an examination of the work "Excavating Jesus: Beneath the Stones, Behind the Text, by John Dominic Corssan and Johnothan Reed. Their radical minimlaist views and desire to integrate social-science crticism of the New Testament with Biblical studies, which really is a subjectation of the Biblical text to extra-biblical disciples.

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