October 26, 2007

Is Grady Little Gone?

News reports, mainly from the usually reliable Buster Olney of ESPN, are talking about Joe Girardi becoming the Dodger's manager in 2008 if he doesn't get the Yankee's job. Of course, all of this speculation must be warming the heart of Bud Selig who always puts out a memo to MLB teams asking that no major announcements be made during the World Series (which should be soon unless the Rockies really get going). A little aside, by asking teams not to make major announcements, Selig has created an inability for the involved parties to confirm or deny anything; so the story involving two of the most important MLB teams just continues to bubble.

But onto the story itself. If true this means that Grady Little demonstrated by his inept handling of the lineup and his desire to make everyone happy instead of putting the best team on the field each night that he's not the guy to lead an extremely talented but young team. If the story is untrue, the Dodgers didn't exactly come to Little's defense. The shallow response, "Grady Little is our manager" both says nothing and may say everything about his future.

What I'm not sure about is Girardi. Granted, he and Ned Colletti, the Dodger GM have a long relationship. But what exactly are his qualifications to manage? He has one year experience (with the Marlins in 2006) and he did win the Manager of the Year award. But his (really terrible) team finished below .500. However, it must be said, not nearly as far down as most people expected. After that season he lost a power struggle within the organization (and a very public rebuke of the nutty team owner during a game) and was fired. He may be the right guy, he may be better than Little, there is just not a lot of track record to go on.

If the hiring of Girardi is a real thought in Colletti's mind then perhaps (we can only hope) this means that he is going to go with his young prospects from the beginning. And, if he doesn't get Girardi, then who will be the Dodger manager next year?

I've got a suggestion: Ron Roeneicke, currently of the Los Angeles Angels coaching staff. He's clearly an up and coming managerial prospect, he came up originally in the Dodger organization and so he understands the tradition of the team. He's been with a winning staff for the last several years, managed at three different minior league levels and was manager of the year in two of them. He would be a great choice!

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